Percentile Count: The count of hours in each wind direction, with the count binned by 10% percentile categories of the “pollutant” (or wind speed) selected.

Percent of Time: This is the more “typical” pollution rose, which shows the percent of time (or percent of total counts) that a wind is in each wind direction, binned by pollution concentration.

Overall Average (Qualified): This shows the average pollution concentration in each wind direction. It is “qualified” in that it will only display a wind direction that meets

Overall Count: Shows the total count in each wind direction. The Overall Count does not include any particular pollution concentrations.

Normalized Average: This figure displays the Overall (pollution concentration) Average (qualified) divided by the Overall Counts in the respective wind direction. This figure is helpful for large data sets and helps account for data that may be under accounting for very frequent wind directions in multiple directions that may wash out an overall average direction.